Soul Jewel

My offering is about creating a safe space for you to manifest something that your heart desires. A SOUL JEWEL PROJECT is what you create to uplift your world. You begin in the midst of your busy daily life. With ONE idea. Everything else emerges from there. Heart & Soul.

There are a thousandandONE beautiful places in the world you could choose to retreat. The most beautiful is waiting to be discovered right where you are. It lives inside of you. It is creation.

Do you hear the desires of your heart? There are a 1001 signs just waiting for you take notice.They will whisper of your wildest dreams – in the midst of your daily busy life. Stop rushing. Treasure alone time. Get a journal and  write out your dreams. There is a free workbook here to get you started. Time is rare and precious.This day will never come again. There might be a Thousand reasons not to listen to your heart, but listening to just ONE good one will change the course of your life forever! Embrace that ONE calling!

A place to fall in love. A place for your ONE creation.
A beautiful Spiritual Retreat
7 months – time for you

Join me in November 2019 on a special retreat. It is all about nourishing your SOUL JEWEL POJECT – that special something only you can share with the world. WELCOME! During this 7 Month online program you will:

  • Strengthen your sense of creation
  • Get to know your Muse
  • Make you feel both unique and on even ground with others
  • Learn that the value of Self-Love and Self-Compassion in creation
  • Cultivate a sense of«I am enough»
  • Generate a feeling of being kinder and more generous with your dream
  • Instill a feeling of humilty
  • Inspire wholeness
  • Give joy
  • Enrich your concept of iving with both safety and adventure
  • Cultivate growth and life long creative habits
  • Contribute to peace and serenity in your life
  • Embrace saying YES to the BEAUTY in this world

Reach out for a private call if you are interested in creating a SOUL JEWEL PROJECT of your own. It is for a small group of women who want to manifest their dreams together. What is your soul longing to create? I would love to hear your story.