Love is simple. It is such a beautiful thing to do.

Creating a new project is like beginning a new relationship. The spark and heat of new love is magical and amazing. So is the initial spark of your SOUL JEWEL PROJECT. The truth is, that kind of love can’t carry you through. Not in daily love and not in any Heart Project. The spark is necessary to get things off the ground but it is never enough to sustain it through ups and downs. You need good self- relationship skills. You and your project both have to feel happy, understood, adored and respected – and that needs more than the intoxication of first love. More than giddy-eyes! It needs training. And Time. And a soulful retreat practice. That is what we learn together during the 7 Month Retreat: How to stay happy while seeing your project grow. Oh, yes, and sometimes it needs a Muse and good friends.



Here I share who I am grateful for in creating this webpage. They all share generously in their energy of creation and inspire me to grow and be happy.

“When we charge forward as one heartbeat, with clear values, we can change the world. This is the path to freedom.” ZAINAB SALBI

Eos Koch: For creating your Soulful Website Academy, teaching me how not to be afraid of technology, and encouraging me to create from my heart.

Stefanie and Johanna and the girls who held our creative circle while creating our webpages, because they more than cared.

Claudia Brandenberger:  For the photos, and being a fellow creative friend  and neighbor always ready for a walk in the woods, mostly with camera at hand.

Schmuckwerk-Berlin: For crafting beautiful gems into jewels with love. And holding a special Soul Jewel – an Aquamarine Stone that caught my eye, on my wish list. The one that keeps reminding me that dreams really do come true when you know the jewel in your heart. And, because every women needs a stone to keep her safe. Find yours.

Mirabai Starr:  For her inspiration. And creating the beautiful books and courses that I love the most in the world. She taught me to love all religions and faiths. And about the creative Dakini Energy. A true gem.

Richard Rohr: A rare Soul Jewel among priests – my favorite spiritual advisor in matters of the heart – and for teaching me the real meaning of contemplation and action, care and compassion in the world.

My parents, and my son, Thomas: …for creation.

The Muse of Berlin: every creative project needs a good muse. My Book Writing Project carries the Energy of Berlin, thanks to the unknown man who inspired me to begin my Soul Jewel Project, by writing a simple story, and Carmen, for being my godchild, a child of a generation wiser than many before, calling me to Berlin and sharing the special places with me.

And for all the women, who take Time to see that there is beauty in the world. Who believe in freedom. And in Love. This is for you!

Start your

Time is some kind of luxury. It beckons the Muse that every women needs – like the air that she breathes. This is what the world needs more than anything: happy women. The care of the world depends on you!