dear child roaming in my heart


The “Inner Children” living inside of us also need to retreat sometimes. They are the parts of us that split off whilst growing up during difficult situations. Very few people have had a perfect childhood. We learnt to adapt differently in different situations. It is how we learnt to stay safe in the world. Sometimes we forget, that these kids still roam in our soul.

For instance, there is a part in us, which learnt to suppress feelings deep down. The problem is, that uncharged emotions will eventually become unhealthy ones and blow up. And when they are unleashed, they land, highly charged and volatile, projected onto loved ones. Not good, but very common. These unheard parts can get up to a whole lot of mischief. As the saying goes: »hurt people hurt». We need to help these inner children to have a voice and change their reactivity. When two adults react out of a child stance, they are off to the races. Not much fun. Fights and flights are exhausting.

Together we explore how we can use the awareness of your SOUL JEWEL to stay calm. Here our work together is mainly educational. We examine patterns and learn how to stay in a secure adult mode, when disagreements do occur. I teach you to stay calm and shine your best light. Once we know how to handle our emotions, guilt and shame disappear. With strong healthy boundaries we don’t get stuck in a victim stance. No more addictions. No more grandiosity. No more co-dependency. Now, isn’t that a better world to live in? Life just got simpler.

Should that be the most important thing we should learn?

If you want to learn how to calm your inner child and let your strength shine through, please reach out to me.