My living school

I have a degree in Education and have been teaching for over 30 Years.

Along the years I have learnt a few other things. Like the importance of Self-Love and Self-Compassion in the process of creation and growth. Lately, I am feeling called to teach about these matters of the heart. And how to create SOUL JEWEL PROJECTS. Ultimately, it is about manifesting visions and good dreams into reality – that is what I love doing. I follow my heart. There are 1001 of signs and symbols, voices and visions, all-around us. All the light we cannot see, feeds us. These days I choose to listen closely when my creative muse comes to me. It wasn’t always like that. Today, I know these whisperings bring me home. My own ongoing SOUL JEWEL PROJECT is writing a book. About women walking the line between adventure and being safe in the world. How to be inspired directly by those 1001 signs – that are all around. To retreat with you in search of you own SOUL JEWEL PROJECT is what I love doing most in the world.

Welcome to my world: A place to fall in love. A place to be creative.


This Retreat was created and inspired in the silence and peacefulness of time spend alone in the Swiss countryside where I live. Africa was home for the first 40 years of my life. That deeply inspired me too, to look at the moon and the stars – and behind the surface.

Retreats connect you to the soul of the thousandandONE things out there. 1001 signs and symbols leading you on. Listen to precious whispers calling you on.

Because the moment you find Grace in your own heart, life becomes simpler. Once you find your SOUL JEWEL inside, nothing is ever the same anymore. Infused with self – compassion and self-love you loose your sense of self importance and yet are filled with a grace that knows its own beauty.

Are you ready to share yours with the world?

There are only ever two things that keep us from creating our unique SOUL JEWEL PROJECT: Self-Love and Self-Compassion. Feeling empty, and burnt out inside, is not what we came to this earth to do. I help you discover your ONE unique dream this SOUL JEWEL PROJECT unfolds over a 7 month process. You will feel connected to your heart through contributing your light. When we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love the whole world. Self-Love and Self-Compassion heals everything. It is better than therapy. Begin your creative process here with a free workbook.

«Creative work needs solitude and needs the whole sky to fly in, and no eye watching…» Marie Oliver.

I call that Nature. A place to fall in love.



  • Strengthen your sense of belonging
  • Make you feel both unique and on even ground with others hearts
  • Learn about the value of Self – Love and Self – Compassion
  • Cultivates a sense of«I am enough»
  • Generate a feeling of being kinder and more generous
  • Instill a feeling of humilty
  • Inspire wholeness
  • Give joy
  • Enrich your concept of living with both safety and adventure
  • Cultivate growth and life long learning habits
  • Contribute to peace and serenity in your life
  • Embrace sayin YES to the BEAUTY in this world.

If you are ready to brave the wild tenderness of your soul with truth, come take a leap with me!

What will we learn in a SOUL JEWEL PROJECT:

First and, most importantly, we will learn to expect the unexpected. Because that is how my guides work. Surprise. Every session is filled uniquely and tailored to your needs with fresh content. We use beautiful practices that are soulfilled, the liberal arts, spiritual readings from all religions, recite poems, read passages, speak about saints, mystics and other inspirational beings. We might even say prayers from all religious faiths to guide us on. I believe in prayers from the heart. And I believe in grace. Because beauty happens when something bigger breaks through into an ordinary moment.

It is truly a transformative journey!


This is for you if you:


  1. Want to begin something new in your life & CREATE
  2. Are committed to carving out time from your busy shedule.
  3. Are feeling called to do a spiritual retreat
  4. Want to honour your life’s deep desires
  5. Want to go on a deep path of self discovery
  6. Believe in the mystical way and sacred wholeness, or at least
  7. Are willing to embrace it
  8. Want to learn how to have a direct connection with the Great Mystery (call it God, Creativity, Allah, the Universe, it doesn’t matter to me, Mother Earth, Nature, Creation is all One and the same to me…)
  9. Love working with the natural elements, saints and other spirited guides
  10. Are in need of deep self care and nourishment of the soul
  11. Are interested not only in cultivating a contemplative practice but also in shining your light and carrying your gifts out into your life
  12. Believe mysticsm is not only reserved for holy saints and know miracles happen to everybody
  13. Ready to stop filling your head and hands for a moment, to let go and be empty and trusting, because that is how we begin
  14. Looking for a soft spacious gentle place to be in once a week
  15. If you like exclusivity with out being exclusive, and know what that means
  16. If you like working in small, intimate Groups
  17. If Love, Compassion and Care and sharing are you thing.

…and 1001 things more! because you love abundance & creativity

Welcome to my world. A place to fall in love. A place to create.