Genesis: My Soul Jewel Project

Here I share a tiny part of what is my very own SOUL JEWEL PROJECT…

writing…just for fun!

I would love to hear about your musings and creative ideas.



Fine Jewellery was hung in the sky on the fourth day.

Consider that…

Just take a moment to let that sink in.

God hung fine Jewellery in the sky on the fourth day.

The Stars and the Moon, they were hung in pure darkness, only to enchant an old man? Just for his own pleasure? Really?


God must have had a heart for single women, hanging Jewels in the night sky for all lonely hearts to love! Likable, single man that he was, he, too, must have been lonely! When he called out: let there be light!, and in one fierce act of passion decided -consider that! – in one single moment!, to bring clarity to his dark world.

As if to say: enough!

He brought lightness to dark – just like that.
One act.
Fierce. But simple.

Just take a while. Stop: and ponder on that one exquisite moment.

And then, as if that was not enough:

Fine Jewellery was hung in the sky on the fourth day.

What a miracle. What wonder. Just one thought of beauty. Light. One idea. And the rest followed. He, this apparently single man, created a brand new experience in just seven days. Wow. Talk about magic!

For that alone you gotta love him.

And today, I, this little grit of sand blowing on the earth’s surface – she who hurls her small thoughts around in the universe of cosmic dimensions – I love reading about the mystics of ages gone by. They, too, speak of their own wonder and lovelonging for him. But even long before them, in the Song of Songs – right there in the oldest book, read it for yourself! – it speaks of this love longing. In the Song of Songs. The Canticle of Canticles. How did that part slip into the old testament? The fifty shades of grey part, hides there, silently among the pages of the prophets, who, too, struggle and wrestle in their thoughts with the old man, like I do. It is as colorful and erotic as the stars and the moon itself. He must have a heart, after all.

These words light up my dark thoughts in the night. Thoughts that go through my mind, hurtling like planets in the void. Alone, as I search, and, try as I might, I do, I promise I do!, I find no evidence of my life having any significance in this old man’s life.

Except for the stars and the moon.

That fine Jewellery he hung in the sky.

That was meant just for me? I ask. No answer.
I search for an encounter with him, a time that I might have experienced union and intimacy with him. There have been light moments, visons and voices and strange and magical synchronicities. And there is nature, and the ocean.

But, no.

No real evidence of the man with the beard loving me, just me.

Not to this day.
No proof, yet.

So I keep searching. For the one who knows how to hang Jewels in the sky.
Searching for his love.
He must be the perfect one.
He must be out there.

After all, fine Jewellery was hung in the sky on the fourth day.

This is a tiny part of my own SOUL JEWEL PROJECT.

Please connect, as I would love to hear about yours.

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