I have learned to trust most of what I have experienced from the soul through the teachings of a great mystic. Teresa of Avila. This is my interpretation of what she teaches about the three different ways of having a spiritual experience.


Trust your own heart.


With the first way you sit down quietly and you thoughts gather and collect and you find a sense of peacefulness and quiet, a sweet spot, in your being, where you can rest for a while. It is as if you were sitting at a lake and you can dip in and out to find the water cooling and soothing. Here you rest your busy mind, get centred and calm and then you go on with your life. It doesnt last forever. It comes and goes and lets you feel a little peace in the heart. Until it goes away. It doesn’t last and happens only when go swimming again. You can enhance having this expeience by saying a prayer, in song or playing music, doing art or anything you love. It comes from doing something from the heart. Like watering a rose.


Then there is that kind of spiritual experience where out of the blue you have a sense of knowing about something that comes over you. Something pops into your mind and you know what to do. It comes from the mind. Suddenly you have some kind of information that you didn’t have before. You know what to do about something, who to call, or you have the solution to a problem. It is as if you move into a flow. It is like a good feeling that you are carried along on a river. One that takes you with on a lttle stretch, you have that flowy feeling and then you are dropped on the banks of the river again. You carry on with your life. You are awake and able to function from a good place. It doesn’t last forever and happens sporadically. You can practice meditation or any daily act of contemplation to enhance this type of experience to occur. But you cannot will it. it just breaks through. Kinda exciting and fun. Like when synchronicities happen. But you need to pay attention to them for something to happen.


Then there is another kind. It like walking outdoors and then, suddenly it begins to rain. The heavens open up over you and a floodgate of Grace is poured over you. You are filled with the feeling of love and peacefulness and being cleansed. Just like when rain suddenly falls all over you, this experience cannot be willed to happen. It is given to you as gift from the heavens. To be received with gratitude. The difference to the two other spiritual experiences is that it is a feeling that comes over you that is so deep that it never ever leaves you again. When this happens you have a sense of knowing about that deep ocean that you swim in and the light lives in you. You can access it anytime. Often here prayer and meditaion are no longer needed as you swim in the great ocean. You have a sense of being a prt ove the great oneness and know that you at home wherever you are.

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