Family: A SOUL JEWEL project

Healing Family trauma can be a SOUL JEWEL PROJECT. This is a unique relational approach to working with Multi-generational Trauma from a heart perspective.

In traditional trauma therapy, sessions most often occur between the patient and the therapist, and mostly only with the mind combined with many time consuming hours of endless talking.

However, looking through the lense of Self-Love and Self-Compassion and through the creative language the Soul – with music, art and poetry you can come a long way. Fast. The Soul loves relational heart to heart work, therefore you begin with a creative family project. The story of love and hope and future dreams unfold while the patterns of your ancestors can be  healed here. It is a softer and more gentle approach than therapy. Yet, it is ruthlessly and courageously honest.

The soul loves the truth and courage is part of the cure. In the end we correct what needs to be adjusted. Trauma, big or small, is mostly relational. That is why we cure it best in and through relationships. Together.

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