Unblocking resistance. With a little help from your Muse

Your Soul loves beautiful things. Like a SOUL JEWEL PROJECT

Here is a quick idea of how to nurture yourself when getting frazzled on a piece of work or when working on a project or idea on your own and the flow seems blocked. Sometimes when working on a last minute project or any other enterprise that needs to get done, we find it difficult to put in the last effort. Something in us wants to procrastinate. Things are stagnating, the creativity is leaving you and the last thing you want to do is to stay with it and work.

It helps to imagine that you are not alone. Close your eyes. Summon your muse. Picture and sense the being that is wanting to help you with the task at hand. Imagine it richly. Like a best friend that you are hanging out with over coffee or a glass of wine. Smile and be friendly with it. Try and sense into this being. Ask for a name. Or a function. See what it looks like. Just play with it for a while. In a few seconds you will find that you are not alone. Don’t be surprised. You are not. And then have a real conversation. Ask for any advice. Be sure to be patient and wait for an answer. It is not a one way conversation. Trust the messages you receive.

When you procrastinate and find other things to do like eating, getting busy on social media or texting a friend it sometimes is because you would really like some company. People find it difficult being on their own. Ideas need friends.

So this is a simple way to spend time in stillness when working on a project or idea on your own and have some company at the same time. Essentially it about getting resistance out of the way. The being that comes up can have a character of its own. It could be wiser, older, younger, you can receive advice or even try and explain something to it. Anything can happen. They can seem feistier or kinder than us. Don’t fight whatever comes up. It is all good. You decide, and pick up the trail. Soon your creative juices will be flowing again, your imagination will be back on track and you will even feel energized. You will learn to have less┬áresistance because you are doing things in a different way to how you do things usually. That breaks the pattern.

And you might just come up with a brilliant new idea. If not, at least you would have had some time out dreaming. Call it relaxation or down time for your brain, which can now pick up speed again.

Close your eyes and reimagine what it is that you want to get done, anytime, anywhere. It really is that simple.

Stay connected with your Soul Jewel!

And remember, if you need a Soulful Retreat, reach out!

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